Mar 3, 2011

30 Days of Gaming (3): Game That is Underrated

Mmmmm 2D scroller. Viewtiful Joe is a 2.5D (2D movement, 3D environment) beat-em-up brawler that was released on the Gamecube and Playstation 2 by Capcom. If memory serves correctly, it was one of the 5 exclusively developed Capcom games for Nintendo to help bring more content to the system, the other four being P.N.0.3, Killer 7, Resident Evil 4 and Dead Phoenix (Which sadly never saw the light of day). Oddly enough PN03 was the only one that ended up stay exclusive to the GameCube, as the other 3 that were released were eventually ported, sometimes with added features, to the Playstation 2.

Anyway, back to Viewtiful Joe. The game followed the story of an average-joe movie lover who took his girlfriend to a movie one day to end up being dragged into the world of cinema itself. His girlfriend was no where to be found so he dons a super hero persona known only as Viewtiful Joe, and starts working his way through various movie sets to save the love of his life. The games unique gameplay came in the form of a special effects meter that allowed you to slow down time or speed up time to solve various puzzles and aid you in combat.

This game was way ahead of its time, because I bet if it wasn't a retail release and a download only release, it would have earned more profit. Sadly the gaming infrastructure that we have now wasn't in place during its release. It did become such a cult hit that it did eventually spawn a sequel and Viewtiful Joe himself appears in Marvel VS Capcom 3, so there is that. I would just love to see a downloadable HD version of this game, with its over the top visuals and fantastic mechanics.