Mar 29, 2011

30 Days of Gaming (29): Game I thought I wouldn't Like, but Ended up Loving

Halo Wars. I grew up with my strategy games on the PC with keyboard and mouse controls. So when I heard that there was a Halo RTS coming only to consoles being made by the guys whose claim to fame was the Age of Empires series... I scratched my head in confusion.

Logically, if anyone was going to get RTS on a console right it would be RTS PC veterans. Right? Then I started reading about it. No mining minerals and controlling workers, but they still had an in game economy. Wait, what? There is still going to be things like expanding? I am confused. And the food cap is less than 100? In a strategy game? How am I supposed to have giant battles?!?!

Was I taken back. While the strategy is a bit on the simple side, focusing on a rock paper scissors style of countering, the visuals are great, especially on an HD TV, and each unit has its own unique little personality that shines through the chaos. Another thing that I love from Halo Wars that I like seeing incorporated into other RTS games is visual unit upgrades. As a Covenant player, when you just start out with Jackals they have a Carbine, but through upgrades they get their trademark shields and even Beam Rifles eventually. And all of the units on the field gain these upgrades visually, allowing a quick read of you opponent.

Is it as deep as Starcraft 2? Hell no. But that doesn't mean it isn't fun.