Mar 28, 2011

30 Days of Gaming (28): Favorite Developer

ChAIR Entertainment. Yeap, I love these guys. I personally can't wait until the day Epic gives them fatty cash for an IP and they make a $60 retail game. Their track record is absolutely fantastic too, even though they only have 3 games under their belt.

First up is Undertow. A mix between the twin stick shooters that defined the early days of Xbox Live Arcade and one of my all time favorite games, Battlefield 1942. Classes and capture points with a pretty simple story attached to it made for addicting gameplay. My only regret? I got it for free after an Xbox Live outage and didn't get to give the developer I love money.

Next up on their resume is Shadow Complex. Story based on a novel by Orsen Scott Card, author of my favorite novel of all time Ender's Game and writer of Ultimate Iron Man? Okay I am down. Oh wait, but then you are going to make the game a Metroid-vania style back and forth item hunt? Sure, let me sign my soul away on the dotted line. Wait, there is a gun that allows you to create platforms so you can skip entire sections of the game if you do it right? I already gave you my soul and it still gets better and better. I bought the game on day one, and I am proud to say it is one of the few games I have gotten all of the achievements in.

Finally, there is the final blow in ChAIR's arsenal, Infinity Blade. Now I don't have an iOS device (sad I know), but I have dabbled with the gorgeous Unreal powered hack n' slash at Best Buy on demo devices and I even secretly bought it for my brothers iTouch and sneak in a quick session when ever he isn't paying too much attention. Because of this rogue way to play I haven't made it too far, but it is gorgeous and it really understands how to use the touch screen without my fingers getting in the way.

All in all ChAIR is awesome, and I can't wait to see what other tricks they have up their sleeves in the coming years!