Mar 24, 2011

30 Days of Gaming (24): Favorite Classic Game

Galaga. Seriously my absolute favorite arcade game of all time. This is probably all my mother's fault, but I love her for it anyway. We always go toe to toe for the high score, and I do believe there is a cabinet down at the Manitou Springs Penny Arcade that has both of us listed in the high scores, with her ahead of me of course.

The game itself is extremely simple by today's standards, but I am okay with it. The nostalgia it brings makes me extremely happy. I still know all the tricks too. Dual ships, the pathing for the enemies in all of the challenge modes, the invincible glitch. Man they just don't make games like this any more. Everything has to be "balanced" or "fair" with no bugs. It is kind of a buzz kill if you ask me.

In fact, once I graduate college and get a real job I am going to track down a coffee table cabinet of Galaga as my reward for growing up. I cannot wait.