Mar 21, 2011

30 Days of Gaming (21): Best Story

Mass Effect is how story telling in games should be. I totally fell in love with the fiction way before the game because of the expanded universe novel that came out before the first game did. And then the game took off the training wheels and went balls to the wall. The cool thing I liked about the novels is that they play up with the minor characters and don't focus at all on what happens in the games, but instead pushes the galactic story forward without Commander Shepard.

As far as the games are concerned, they do some pretty epic stuff with story as far as player decisions go. First of all, the first game was pretty clear cut, but there weren't penalties for making a good decision and then making a bad decision later on. Where it really shines though is when you import your character into Mass Effect 2. All of a sudden, the decisions made in the first game effect (pun) the second game. Did you save the Rachni queen in Mass Effect? She finds a way to contact you in Mass Effect 2. I absolutely cannot wait to see what Mass Effect 3 brings to this fantastic universe, and I just hope that the decisions I made 4 years ago were the right ones come Mass Effect 3...