Mar 20, 2011

30 Days of Gaming (20): Favorite Genre

Fighting. Hands down. To quote an ancient forum post I had: "Fighting games are an elegant dance between minds, that allow you to sharpen your reflexes, both mentally and physically." I believe this statement still stands true today. The game that made me fall in love with fighters? The Dead or Alive series. Sure before I really started to understand DoA I had had run in's with Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, but DoA was where I really started to find the depth in fighters.

The reason I love DoA over other fighters? Because it is a true fighting game. None of this Hadoken-Get-Over-Here-Magic-Enhanced special move bullshit. It is straight up kung-fu fighting. Sure flashy over the top fighters like Marvel VS Capcom and Soul Calibur are fun and have a place in my heart, but DoA just has a certain cinematic quality about the fights that you don't get in traditional fighters. I also like how in DoA if you play smart you can level the playing field against an opponent almost instantly.