Mar 13, 2011

30 Days of Gaming (13): Game You've Played More Than Five Times

Oh Mass Effect. You are the best science fiction franchise to come out of media in years. I have played through the first game at least five times, without even trying.

The gameplay is very dated and feels like a game that was initially designed for the tail end of the last generation of gaming machines, with pop in graphics, odd combat mechanics and a clunky inventory system, but even with all these flaws, I still love it. The story is absolutely fantastic and the characters are extremely well defined, especially for the medium of video games, where most characters are one note wonders.

Saren immediately comes to mind, especially during the ending sequence where, if you are moral aligned enough, you can convince him that everything he has done to the universe is wrong, and he will commit suicide. The characterization is only driven home more during the sequel, which fixes pretty much all mechanical issues of the first game. I cannot wait for Mass Effect 3. All in all, this will be a story that I will experience way more than 5 times, from Mass Effect 1 all the way to Mass Effect 3.