Mar 10, 2011

30 Days of Gaming (10): Best Gameplay

Gameplay is a tricky beast. Especially for a franchise game. Now make that one of the biggest franchises in the world of entertainment, not just gaming. Now add one of the most popular children's toys on top of that. You get LEGO Star Wars and a few other decent LEGO "Franchise here" games.

But it all started with LEGO Star Wars. The first game spanned the abysmal prequel trilogy and actually made the story enjoyable, compared to the bland meal that the films were. First off, there is no voice acting at all in these games, so all of the story is conveyed through LEGOs grunting and growling while moving their little mini-fig parts. It comes off as extremely humorous, and is a new look at the same old Star Wars we all love.

Where the gameplay comes in though is how simple and addicting the game is. The game plays like a classic brawler such as gauntlet, but there is also a fair amount of basic puzzles that offer a nice variety to the combat. Oh, and you get to play as every Star Wars character imaginable, from Han Solo to a Tusken Raider. And every single level has drop in drop out play. I for one can't wait to experience it all over again with my children.