Feb 24, 2011

Thursday Favorites: Demon Days by the Gorillaz

This is seriously one of my favorite albums of all time. The music is catchy and varied and the amount of artists featured on the album are all top notch. The first single off the album was Feel Good, Inc., and was sadly, the only single that most american listeners know about. The second single was Dare, and did manage to penetrate some of the dance and club scene here in the US, but it was no where near successful as Feel Good, Inc.

My favorite song off the album is probably Kids With Guns or Fire Coming Out of a Monkey's Head. Kids With Guns is heavy on the bass and crescendo's really nicely at the end of the track. Fire Coming Out of a Monkey's Head is Dennis Hopper reciting a children's story over the groups musical styling. It also really pushes the modern boundaries of what a song is and how it is defined.

I also love that the album art is a blatant rip-off/homage to art used for the Let It Be album by The Beatles.