Feb 28, 2011

Marvel Movie Monday: Daredevil

What, you didn't think I was only going to do the good Marvel flicks did you?

The movie follows the story of Matt Murdock, a kid blinded by a tragic radio active spill to become a very successful lawyer in Hell's Kitchen. The accident also improved Murdock's senses. Enter a parkour scene with a blind man using reverberation to see where he was going!

Oh, and adult Matt Murdock is played by Ben Affleck. He does well as the lawyer, but once he dons the red suit and whip, it all goes straight to hell. The biggest trick to casting a comic book film is finding someone who can play the identity and the mask. And Ben Affleck, definitely cannot do both. Jennifer Garner of Alias fame was also cast as Elektra, and her performance was on the same level as Affleck. Also, Collin Ferrall was cast as Bullseye, and that was pretty bad too.

It was such a shame that this was the sentiment towards the theatrical release. A year later an R rated version of the film came out on DVD, adding in an additional 30 minutes of footage to the otherwise ho-hum theatrical experience. These 30 minutes added to film and even fixed some of the issues present with pacing, giving the film a darker edgier tone. I would say the tonality of the directors cut even rivals the Nolan Batman films.