Jan 2, 2011

Tron: Legacy Thoughts

I absolutely loved the movie. The score was fantastic and the 3D wasn’t over done at all. The final chase scene stands out in my mind as amazing. It was kinda nice to see an action movie where you can understand what is going on instead of the quick editing shaky camera syndrome most studios have these days. The score was absolutely fantastic and really sells the movie, as does Micheal Sheen as Castor. Every scene he was in was pure gold. So pure I seriously want him as the Riddler now. I really wish they would have used Cillian Murphey more, perhaps in the actual bulk of the film considering he was the villain from the first films son.
For those who say the story is not that deep, I ask you one question: The title is Tron Legacy. Who is the term legacy applying to? Is it Clu? Is it Quorra? Is it Sam? By the end of the movie the term suits all of these characters well at the end of the film, and all for different reasons. Aside from one or two script changes I would have made, it was a great story.
For those wondering what changes I would have made, it would have been simple things like Clu saying “I am not our father” instead of “I am not your father.” I think it would have allowed most viewers to see Clu and Sam as two vying powers instead of Sam as a son on a mission to find his long lost daddy.