Jan 27, 2011

This Week in Frustration: Jan 23 - Jan 29

Frustration: Dude Bro Hats (Jan. 23)
This revolutionary take on baseball hats are stupid. First of all, a baseball hat was designed with purpose, it isn't for fashion (Not all hats serve this purpose, some are purely for fashion). The idea is a baseball hat is it is supposed to protect your eyes from the sun. This is nearly impossible to do while wearing a baseball hat inside, or if this hat is on cock eyed instead of straight. Next, the idea of a curved bill is in place to help reduce the sun from entering your peripheral vision. This is impossible to accomplish with a flat bill. Everytime I see one of these hats I want to place an object on the bill, because it reminds me of a table. And honestly, if you have to place something on the bill of your hat to carry it appropriately then you have bigger problems. Maybe leprosy... or a lack of oxygen to the brain. If you wear one of these, you probably have a big case of the latter.

Frustration: Sith Lords (Jan. 25)
I know that being a Sith Lord is like being in an exclusive club, but that doesn't mean you have to be a douche about it. Hell there are typically only two at a time depending on the mythos you subscribe too. That sounds pretty exclusive to me. Maybe they need to work on recruitment to help bolster their numbers. Although when one fallen Jedi can pretty much obliterate the entire Jedi order maybe the Jedi are the ones to blame for not having the foresight to prevent this. Or maybe Anakin, who was both a Jedi and a Sith needs to write a book called "Sith are from Mars, Jedi are from Venus."

Frustration: Leggings as Pants (Jan. 26) BONUS: Picture evidence
Seriously women, this stuff makes me doubt your intelligence. I understand not wanting to show off your legs, which is the original function of leggings, but that does not make them a substitution for pants. Leggings should be used in conjunction with a skirt or even shorts, but not by themselves. Leggings themselves are just like panty hose in my eyes, used to give color and perhaps a texture to your legs while remaining tasteful. You don't see me walking around in public wearing nothing but my boxers and a shirt do you? Maybe if men started doing that women would see how ridiculous they look wearing leggings as pants.

Frustration: 24 hour days
There is just too much to do in a single day that it ends up frustrating me most days. Granted there is no way in hell to change this without somehow obtaining super powers and changing the rate in which the earth spins. But maybe society could stop being so demanding on people and bring a focus more on who people are instead of what they do. Plus, maybe if we switched to say 36 hour days our bodies would be forced to adapt to having a more active lifestyle. As it fits though, it is absolutely excruciating to go to work for 8 hours a day, with a 1 hour lunch of course, then rush home to drop Timmy off at soccer practice, take Sussie to her dance recital, prepare a full meal to eat as a family, discuss meaningful events at dinner, watch American Idol, absorb the news and have time to sit down and read the latest entry to Oprah's book club. Society is just to damn demanding of what is required of us to be 'functional' in society. And people wonder why I suffer from insomnia...