Aug 7, 2010

How the Internet made my Summer Great

For all intents and purposes, this blog could have had millions of titles. I love using the internet in today's day and age. I cannot go a day without it. Does this make me dependent? Most definitely. Do I care? Not a single bit. I have made tons of friends and continue to nurture these friendships through the power of the world wide web.

Everyone typically has a daily routine. Get up, shower, eat breakfast, check the news, work, whatever your poison may be is up to you. Me? My poison is social networking. The first thing I do when I wake up is sit down at my desktop computer, or if I am feeling exceptionally lazy grab my netbook from my night stand, and hit up twitter and facebook. I have to be caught up on all knowledge before my day starts. After that, I throw down in a quick match of multiplayer gaming, usually something a little hard edge on the strategy to get my brain moving, then it is to the shower. After that, the day becomes what I need it to, be it a day for errands, a day for class, or a day for nothing.

This is where the power of the internet truly starts to shine. I get more text's messages in a day from twitter than I do from actual people in a two week time span. I wouldn't change this fact for the world. It allows me to keep up to date on what is happening in my friends lives without me having to call them up and force small chat until something relevant pops up in conversation. I can respond to it if I want, I can ignore it if I want. Most of the time, I will process what I read via text or the internet, and not really have an opinion on it. That is the beauty of social networking, be it facebook, twitter, myspace, linkedin, what ever.

It is social at the speed of you.

You make decisions around what information is known and what information is unknown. That is basic psychology. Social networking allows information to travel instantly, and without the hassle of interfearing with most peoples lives. Facebook sits open on a tab on my computer for most of the day, with various chats popping up with a wide variety of conversational topics. Try to hold six simultaneous conversations on a single phone line, I dare you.

This summer I have done a great many things using social networking. There was an almost awesome, but ultimately failed, planning of a Comic-Con crash roadtrip. Dissection and debate about the summer's hottest movies. Complaining and praising of the opposite sex. Making new friends and reconnecting with others. This summer was riddled with interesting and life changing conversations, all done via the internet.

And I hope it never goes away.