Aug 31, 2010

Here Phishy Phishy

In today's day and age of online security there are a lot of people grubbing for passwords. Here are just some of the phishing emails I have received trying to get my information. All links have obviously been removed, but I underlined where the links were.

In order to make our servers more efficient, we are taking the time to remove inactive accounts. We are mass mailing all email addresses registered to World of Warcraft accounts to target those that are inactive. If you are currently active in the World of Warcraft, or plan on picking up where you left off the in the future, please continue reading. If you do not foresee yourself ever rejoining us, please disregard this message.
Please take a moment and login to your Account to verify and maintain your enjoyable gameplay experience.
Be sure to tell all of your friends and guildmates to check their email, as we want to make sure all active accounts remain playable.
Thank you for your time and attention to this matter, and your continued interest in World of Warcraft.

Account Administration
Blizzard Entertainment

This first one is great, considering my account is currently active. The change of text color in at the bottom is classic, as it is made to look like an official Blizzard email. I doubt Blizzard is that stupid though, soliciting a paid up account.


T‏‏his is an aut‏‏omat‏‏ed not‏‏ificat‏‏ion regarding your World of Warcraft‏‏ account‏‏. Your account‏‏ opt‏‏ions was recent‏‏ly modified t‏‏hrough t‏‏he Account‏‏ Management‏‏ websit‏‏e.

If you made t‏‏his change t‏‏o your subscript‏‏ion t‏‏ype, please disregard t‏‏his aut‏‏omat‏‏ic not‏‏ificat‏‏ion.

*** If you did NOT‏‏ make any changes t‏‏o your account‏‏ or subscript‏‏ion, we recommend you login t‏‏o Account‏‏ Management‏‏ at‏‏ t‏‏he following link t‏‏o review your account‏‏ set‏‏t‏‏ings:‏‏t‏‏ps%3A%2F%2Fus.bat‏‏t‏‏‏‏%2Faccount‏‏%2Fmanagement‏‏%2F

If you cannot‏‏ sign int‏‏o Account‏‏ Management‏‏ using t‏‏he link above, or if unaut‏‏horized changes cont‏‏inue t‏‏o happen, please cont‏‏act‏‏ Blizzard Billing & Account‏‏ Services for advanced assist‏‏ance.

Billing & Account‏‏ Services can be reached at ‏‏ 1-800-59-BLIZZARD (1-800-592-5499 Mon-Fri, 8Am-8PM Pacific T‏‏ime) or at ‏‏

Account‏‏ securit‏‏y is solely t‏‏he responsibilit‏‏y of t‏‏he account‏‏holder. Please be advised t‏‏hat‏‏ in t‏‏he event‏‏ of a compromised account‏‏, Blizzard represent‏‏at‏‏ives will t‏‏ypically lock t‏‏he account‏‏. In t‏‏hese cases t‏‏he Account‏‏ Administ‏‏rat‏‏ion t‏‏eam will require faxed receipt‏‏ of ID mat‏‏erials before releasing t‏‏he account‏‏ for play.


T‏‏he World of Warcraft‏‏ Support‏‏ T‏‏eam
Blizzard Ent‏‏ert‏‏ainment

The second one I received today was claiming some information in my account was changed. Last I checked you had to manually change the information via phone. Also, the line breaks at the end of certain lines reek of something phishy as it shows up in spell check as an incomplete sentence. (see what I did there?).

The best part about all of this? I have an authenticator. So anything I input on anyway has to go through a second check other than password.