Apr 4, 2010

My Book, Excerpt III

                Detective Green sighed. He had been at this for 3 hours. The click of his lighter was the only sound in the alley. His hand shielded the wind as the door opened behind him, as he quickly shut the lighter and moved the cigarette to his pocket. He was pretty sure everyone on his team knew, but that didn’t stop it from being illegal.
                “Sergeant.” A nod was exchanged. “Getting pretty intense in there.” The door behind him protected him from a massacre. 8 dead bodies and a slew of illegal modifications… and not a single print, digital or otherwise. Whoever the culprit was, he was damn sure he didn’t leave anything.
                “Any word on the frames, Sergeant?”
                “We haven’t found out where they went. Or how they were removed…” The 8 John Does? They all had their cybernetic frames removed. And from what the investigation could tell? Removed perfectly, thus killing the victims instantly.
                Green sighed again as he turned around, his hand gripping the cold steel of the door handle. He opened the door and the stench rolled out, burning his nostrils. A simple thought and a whirl from his sensory mod killed his sense of smell instantly. He gazed at the seven body bags where the stench originated, the last body left out for investigative purposes. Green wasn’t too concerned about the bodies though; his concern was more focused on what is on the computers. His information retrieval mod was the best, and he put the time into it to earn that reputation. Software was where the money was, but he was a hardware wizard. He spent years with the ‘outdated’ mod and turned it into his own. It was time to put it to use.
                He took the mod chip out of his jacket pocket and slammed it into his right wrist, allowing his brain to access the hardware through his frame. He brought his hand up and let it hover inches from the machine, the tech sparking to life. They knew the culprit was experimenting with direct modification to frames, opening up untapped ports to the nervous system. The body bags? They were the test subjects. All eight of them had been gone for about three months. Gone. Not missing. Gone. No activity on the internet, no mod usage, no bank account activity, no contact with anyone in their individual social circles. Completely gone. No one had been able to find a relation from one victim to the next either.
                Green had his own theory on this. Whoever did all of this didn’t care about people. He, or she, just cared about the work. He needed to open up their frames for this work though, and that was all Green was concerned about, getting to the bottom of what that work was.
                Why would you need additional access to the nervous system? All framing technology gave full access to the motor system of the human body, with all frames starting at the top of the neck, inputting into the back of the brain, circling around the wear’s shoulders, down both arms and circling around the wrists, down the spine, circling the waist and then continuing down both legs. What more could a modder need? The human body is unlocked by all frames as it is.
                The glow of the computer consumed Green. He was going to find out who did this. He didn’t know why it was so important, but whatever this killer was up to, it was something way beyond what even Green could comprehend.