Mar 17, 2010

Steal this Idea: Paragon's in World of Warcraft

Blizzard, this idea is meant to be stolen. Just take it and run with it... Because this is something that needs to happen.

I am reading through Stormrage right now and started thinking about the character's in the book. Why is it that Illidan gets these awesome wings and Malfurion gets horns on his head? Why can't my character in Warcraft get something that will set him apart from being just another member of his race in armor? Sure Death Knight's can argue that they get the blue glowing eyes and the evil echo voices, but that is one class out of 10. But lets not just start handing out antler's to every druid, let's make this something worthwhile!

Originally I thought this could best be handled by doing a class specific paragon quest at maximum level, focusing on the core of the class. For simplicity sake lets just stick with the topic of druids:

I would stick them in the Emerald Dream and force them to defeat a certain number of enemies via shape shifting to gain a stackable buff. Nightmare Bears would be immune to bear attacks, forcing the druid to go into cat form, whilst Nightmare Cats would be immune to bear attacks and Nightmare Torrents would be immune to all physical damage and only be damageable by spells. Defeating one enemy would give you a stack of Emerald Vigor, increasing spell damage, physical damage, healing done and health by 5%.

Once you have reached 20 buffs of Emerald Vigor a level ?? Nightmarish Monstrosity would begin chasing you through the Emerald Dream, forcing you to go into the less forgotten Travel Form and book it, the monstrosity on your tail. You would eventually be forced down a path which leads you to water, requiring you to turn into Sea-lion form to keep away from the Nightmarish Monstrosity, only to end up being forced to a waterfall. What now? Do what any responsible druid would do! Jump off and pop flight form!

As you are flying away you notice the Nightmarish Monstrosity is still chasing you, your only escape a small floating rock in the sky. As you get there you notice two figures standing their ground, as Broll Bearmantle and Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem casting spells at the Nightmare chasing you. As you land you assume you specified role, be it Tree Form for healing, Tank form for tanking or Moonkin/Cat form to DPS. Broll and Hamuul would fill the two remaining roles you don't meat based on your spec and you destroy the Nightmarish Monstrosity with the power of the two druids and your stacks of Emerald Vigor. Once the boss dies, you would loot a one time use item that will teleport you to Moonglade.

You would arrive in a small hovel in Moonglade (phased of course) without any of your equipment to the two druids watching over your body as your look down on the scene in an etheral form, with one noteable difference - Two antlers are now propped upon your head, signifying your completion of your Paragon quest. As your right click your body, you channel a spell and step into your body, antlers and all.

This is just an IDEA that I, a player would like to have implemented in some way shape or form, as it would allow people to customize their character and not be confined by their gearing options of PvP and Raiding. This is also a good point to introduce people to characters in the lore that represent the pinnacle of their class. Here is what I had in mind for the other classes:

Priest - A halo of some sort or Spirit of Redemption style wings, obtained through healing a war party of your faction in a battleground like scenario.

Warlock -
Demon wings or horns, akin to Illidan, obtained through a tough series of enslaving certain demons to help open up a portal to another world.

Rogue - A shadow effect following you everywhere, similar to the High Templar from the Starcraft franchise. This could be obtained by steeling an artifact of great power from say a recluse Mage, using lockpicking to pick doors and disarm to disarm traps similar to those found in Icecrown.

Paladin - A glow of light would surround your character at all times. A good way to do this would be set the Paladin up somewhere in Plaguelands and have him and a small band of NPC's destroy a small scourge outpost picking off the grave of a fallen hero for an artifact such as Lorthar's armor.

Shaman - Lightning running up and down your body would be cool... or lightning coursing out of your eyes. Getting it? Fending off a series of looters from an elemental sanctuary like The Throne of Elements with other Shamans.

Warrior - A 10% scale increase and sign of struggle, such as a spear embedded in your shoulder. And what is the best way to do this? Gladiatorial Combat of course! Maybe even a reason to revisit the oft forgotten arena pit in Dire Maul.

Hunter - A long requested feature hunter's have longed for: Tame-able mounts! You would have to hunt and track a jabber-walkie, use traps to obtain it's rumored food source and then mount the creature, but not through traditional means. Jump on the creatures back and hold on for dear life, this would be taming as it is meant to be, not channeling.

Mage - A floating spell book that would rotate around your character. Getting this would require spending time in I say it... Karazhan... as you search for an ancient spell book thought destroyed. Fighting off arcane warding after arcane warding you finally find it, only to fight the spellbook itself, then claiming it for your own.

This would also be a fantastic opportunity to reintroduced the fabled 3.0 titles that were to be awarded for server firsts of the specific classes.

I just want something like this to give my character that little extra umph in consistent looks. Armor is cool and all, but it is always changing, which makes me feel like my character is nothing but a glorified doll for virtual dress up. Steal this idea Blizzard. Make this happen.