Feb 5, 2010

My Book - Excerpt I

Below is the introductory moments to my story, kept behind a link to avoid spoilers, although not much is revealed at this point. Enjoy!

                His eyes adjusted to the light blue hue above his bed as his brain comprehended what he was seeing.
                Is the night already over? Lucas thought to himself. Screw it, I need more sleep.
                No amount of tossing or turning fought the combined power of the sunlight and automatic blinds. Lucas’ eye caught the clock above his bed flashed a blue 6:59a. He knew what was coming next and threw his pillow over his head. His actions were not soon enough for the calm blue to transform into a deathly red, accompanied by a harsh buzz.
                His head rang.
                Well… happy birthday to me. I now know… His stomach performed what must have been the most advanced gymnastics routine ever as he groaned. …my limit.
                “Lights.” Lucas said in what could barely pass as cohesive word. The lights turned on, the cool calm white of the room and bed reflecting and making them seem brighter than Lucas remembered. He stumbled to the bathroom in his jeans, struggling to find footing every step of the way.
                “News.” He mumbled as his trembling hand found the wall for support. The wall lit up with a news feed, a brunette news caster talking as holograms change in the foreground. “Oh god…”
                Stumbling into the bathroom, Lucas lunged for the toilet as he began to throw up last night’s birthday adventure.