Jan 20, 2010

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Healer Fail

So I hit level 80 on my healer 4 days ago, and while drowning in Emblems of Triumph is cool, it has seriously broke the game at level 80. Please, allow me to explain myself.

When I hit 80 on my warlock, about a week after Wrath hit retail, it was fresh and exciting. Now I am not saying hitting 80 a week ago is different from hitting it about a year ago. I get to run the same dungeons in new and exciting ways. But not really.

Because everyone is drowning in Triumph emblems people can 'gear out' relatively quickly. One can obtain 90 Emblems of Triumph per day, plus 2 Emblems of Frost to boot. Now, based on everything that is available for Triumph through vendors, time pending, you can get a full set for 335 emblems (+25 more for a ranged weapon/libram/totem/etc. if available.) that covers your main pieces, one ring and one trinket. Not counting down grading for belt bracers and boots, that gets you everything but a weapon. And all in about 2 weeks.

Why is this bad? As a healer it makes this grind absolutely boring as hell. Most tanks are way over geared for heroics, even if they are new to it. In half a day you can get two ilvl 232 pieces. While it doesn't make taking damage disappear, it negates a fair amount based on the stats allowed on tanking pieces. My healing in heroic's at level 80 with mostly blue level gear has been two spells, Flash of Light and Holy Shock. Maybe the occasional Holy Light when it gets tough and Cleanse.

The difficulty isn't what bugs me. What bugs me is the fact that it doesn't do jack shit to prepare me for raiding. Now, I know from having experienced raiding as a DPS, and even more so as a tank, that healing is not a two button affair in the kind of situations raids put you in.

When I dinged 80 on my lock Heroics didn't gear my character, they geared me with a wealth of knowledge and understanding of my class that I am using to this day inside Icecrown. When I dinged 80 on my Death Knight and grinded out a set of tanking gear, I learned how to pick up adds and move through a dungeon not only aware of what I was getting to beat on me, but also what my party was doing. As a healer? I press two buttons and collect easy loot.

Thanks Blizzard, you broke the system.