Jan 4, 2010

The Top 11 Weapons, Items and Power Ups in Gaming

Power ups are a staple to all video games. They give us extra lives, abilities and advantages. But with so many to choose from where do we even begin? If there was an all you can eat buffet for power ups I don't know what I would begin to do with myself! Do I start with the 8-bits? Go by series? Multi-player power ups or single player upgrades? There are just too many decisions to make. Well in the world of decision making I have narrowed it down to 11 power ups that will blow your mind! Why 11 you ask? Because even after 10 some people want just one more pass at the grub.

11 - Potions!
The staple to any game with role-playing elements. These juicy items can save your entire party from being absolutely obliterated, be it in the health or mana variety. Need more health to take a big hit? How about some extra mana to cast a few more fireballs?

10 - Any invulnerability power up
This is almost a given for any game that doesn't involve a score board. Invulnerability is something that we all hope for on the inside.

9 - Lightning Bolt from Mario Kart
Screwing over your friend in first place is fun, but you also screw over everyone else in front of you. And lets not forget the pancake effect.

8 - Nuke from Starcraft
The global panic button. As soon as the words Nuclear Launch Detected are uttered the game switches from Real Time Strategy mode to hide and seek with one player laughing at his monitor because as the others search for the red dot and pray that it isn't about to destroy their base.

7 - Overshield from Halo

Nothing says fuck you better than taking a rocket to the face and then keep on going after the guy who shot you.

6 - Hookshot from Legend of Zelda
Turns Link's awesome medieval adventure into a close to steam punk world. The hookshot has been in nearly every incarnation of Zelda in some way shape or form and has become a staple of the series.

5 - Bloodlust from Warcraft 2
No, not Bloodlust from War2's bigger cousin WoW, but Bloodlust from the old days of Battle.net and Ogre rushing. A simple move that could turn the tides of battle against the Human scum, Bloodlust has lusted its way into our heart.

4 - BFG from Doom
No, not the Brute Force Gun from the decent Dwanye Johnson movie, but the Big Fuckin Gun from the original Doom. It really felt like you had something powerful on your side, and just made you feel like a badass.

3 - Fire Basketball from NBA Jam
HE'S ON FIRE! The immortal words that turned a simple sports game into a push shove war to hear how good you were doing from a simple voice over. Plus nothing says absolute 90's like Bill Clinton slam dunking with a flaming Saxophone.

2 - Mushroom from Mario
The very definition of a Power up, allowing Mario to take one extra hit from all enemies but increased his size, making some places unreachable. It defined the very mechanic of a power up.

1 - Morph Ball from Metroid
The most innovative power up in any game. No other game has anything like it. It allowed you to reach hard to get places, but then add the ability to bomb jump to your heart's content. Then gamers figured out the legendary 3 bomb jump and completely changed how the game was viewed, getting to previously unreachable areas and creating new ways for a speed run.

These are just my opinions of course. So? What are your favorite gaming power ups?