Jan 15, 2010


Nostalgia is a very good thing. It reminds of the the past, which is generally a happy time for most, when life was not as complicated. One good memory I have as a child was Saturday morning cartoons, so I must blog about one of my favorites: Reboot!

Reboot was done as an experiment into 3D animation for a cartoon series. The other notable one at the time was Beast Wars, an extension of the Transformer cartoon series from the 80's (which on a side note I should probably blog about one day.).

The show focused on a world inside our computers, aptly named Mainframe, in which the denizens, named bits and bytes lived and worked day to day to make the world better for the "user" of the computer. There was one catch... When ever the user played a game, if the user won, the sector would be deleted, killing all of the bits and bytes in the sector where the game landed.

Enter the main character, Bob the Guardian, his job was to stop sectors from getting cleared. A super AI that was designed to be the ultimate protector of Mainframe. There were a couple of main villains though, with different motives to stop Bob for different purposes, such as claiming the destroyed sector for themselves or using the game as an excuse to invade the main seat of government because Bob would be distracted inside the game.

The beauty of the game as a plot device allowed for a sort of "Game of the Week" formula, but still allowed plot progression. During the second season it gets really intense though because the world of computers started to evolve in the real world. AOL had just launched AOL 2, and the internet was fast gaining popularity. This introduced a ton of elements into the show, such as a mysterious character known as the Surfer, new enemies like viruses and trojans, and giving the heroes of the show new abilities such as hacking and bypasses.

Nostalgia is a very powerful thing and I am tempted to revisit the series just so I can see where the series could have gone in today's day and age with things like blogs, file sharing, streaming, persistent online games and social networking. Maybe Reboot needs it's own reboot...