Jan 6, 2010


So we are in the middle of a Pixar Movie Marathon and I started thinking about some of the most memorable Pixar moments. These are from both the feature films and the shorts. These are also in no particular order.

The Finale in A Bug's Life - A classic example of if it can go wrong, it will go wrong. The grasshoppers lose their illusion of power over the ants, the rain, the bird getting set on fire, PT Flea ruining everything because he wants to get set on fire. It is just a good way to tie everything together.

YOU ARE A TOY - A famous line said in both Toy Story and Toy Story 2, in fact I would put money on it that it will be said in Toy Story 3, that is simple but applies to so many different things. In the first one it was said as a bit of humor while Buzz Lightyear told Woody of Zurg's evil plan to destroy the galaxy, and how Buzz was the only hope to stopping him. In the sequel Buzz says it to Woody at the cusp of Woody making the biggest mistake of his toy life, being shipped to Japan to be on display in a museum. It is a line that while delivered humorously, is also a line of self-realization, something everyone should embrace, plastic or not.

Geri's Game - The short presented before A Bug's Life is a joy to watch. I promise a smile by the time you are finished with it.

The Will Scene from Ratatouille - When Gusteau figures out he has a son and all of the cardboard versions start talking in different accents based on what product they represent is more of a digital sound board for Brad Garrett. It is a treat to watch.

Wall.E - Just this film entirely. The first half is amazing with what it does with virtually no dialog, and the second half moves the story along briskly without feeling rushed. Plus the ending is tear worthy even for the most manly of men.

The opening to UP - It really shows how much you can make the audience care about a character without them having any screen time at all comparatively to the other characters in the film. It sets up the story nicely and allows you to accept this other worldly fantasy as an extension of one's imagination.

The door room in Monster's Inc. - Talk about jaw dropping. The premise of the door room makes sense for the plot of the film but even better than that is the fact that it made you realize just how much room Pixar had to go with the plot. What if they went in a door to Japan? Or Paris? Or they replaced Boo with a small english brat? The doors allowed so much in plot development, but Pixar chose to stay in the world of the Monsters instead of the world of humanity.

The birthday party in Toy Story - As a child a birthday party was one of the best things in the world for me. You got to play with new toys, hang out with friends and eat cake. And lets be honest here, who doesn't like cake? I never thought for a second a birthday party could be frightening... That is until the army was deployed. Of course Pixar had to also spoof every army movie ever in just one scene, and they did it in a way that made the audience care, hands down.

What are some of your favorite Pixar memories?