Jan 31, 2010

January Recap

So the first month of 2010 is over. Already... It seems just like yesterday I started this blog, and with 14 posts in January (not including this one) I am happy to say this one is going to stick. Here is some of the stuff you missed.

Mass Effect 2:
 Without dipping into spoilers, I gush over the game's tight features and evolution from RPG with shooter elements to a shooter with some RPG Lite elements.

The World of Late Night War(craft): A cute little homage from Blizzard on where they stand in the Chin VS. the Hair. Also picked up by Wow.com!

Avatar: I go over the movies cinematic elements while avoid the story entirely.

The most Meta-Road Trip ever: A friend and I explore how social networking can lead to a great night of unexpected things.

Disctrict 9 Thoughts: Another great film I embellish in from a non-spoiler point of view. Highly recommended.

Those are some of the posts I am the most proud of from January! See you all in February, where I have 3 posts planned already!