Jan 9, 2010

Dollhouse: Figuring out the Finale

Fox's Dollhouse is coming to a close next week, which absolutely sucks, as the show is really starting to show it's legs. Before you read any further at all, the remainder of this post will be deep in spoiler territory and it is recommended that you get up to date on what is happening in the show.

Okay, now that that 45 minutes of awesome is fresh in your mind, lets see where the show is going. Epitaph One, the final unaired episode of Season 1, takes place in the future the team at the Los Angeles Dollhouse is trying to prevent. So what exactly can we gleam will happen in the 2 hour finale last week from piecing together from these two episodes? Lets compile the evidence.

Nine years - In the episode The Attic Echo states that it is the year 2010. At the start of Epitaph One, we find out that it is the year 2019. The gives a 9 year gap in what has happened to what could happen. Clyde has also revealed that pretty much no matter what happens, apocalypse is coming soon. Based on the tech that Adelle handed over to Rossum just a few episodes ago and that Epitaph One deals mostly in the future with a few flashbacks, the start of Rossum's play for power will happen in the next episode.

Ditch the tech - A line from the very beginning of Epitaph One tells us so much. Somewhere between the start of the apocalypse and the point in time Epitaph One takes place, the tech Topher designs gets retooled and refined to the point where any piece of technology the admits a sound wave can wipe someone into a doll state to be reprogrammed instantly with any imprint. It even goes far enough to say that China is capable of doing a blanket wipe via satellite.

Imprint 1.0 - In Epitaph One the characters in the 2019 timeline refer to Actives with various names based on what they are imprinted with. Butchers, Wielders and Dumb Shows are some of the terms to describe the involuntary dolls. My bet is that Rossum imprinted everyone with basic needs and high amounts of agression so the world would slowly destroy itself allowing the survivors at Rossum to sweep in and be the hailed saviors of humanity.

Familiar chair - When the crew in Epitaph One see's the imprinting chair a few characters remark that it looks familiar, and one even wonders if she has seen it on the news. I doubt Rossum would allow a news crew near their crown jewel of technology, so I am guessing that someone shot a video with a hand camera or something and it got leaked to the news groups before that person got wiped. Another theory is that Adelle and crew leak this information prior to the mass wipe to prepare the world for what might happen.

Reshoot? Not Likely - In the last episode there is a scene with Boyd and Dr. Saunders that actually was used from Epitaph One. No real clues here, but it is nice that using such a cheap trick (literally) ties the two episodes together.

The fate of the Doctor - In Epitaph One Dr. Saunders/Whiskey is alive in the Dollhouse, asking as a maiden to all who come. In Getting Closer Dr. Saunders kills Bennet. This means in a 9 year span Dr. Saunders get wiped to a perfectly clean slate and reprogrammed to help anyone who stumbles into the Dollhouse. My guess is it will happen shortly after the beginning of the next episode after Echo and Paul clear out Rossum's hit squad. It is also note worthy that she losses her scars Alpha gave her.

Save Haven - The entire premises says that Echo and crew survive somehow and escape to luscious green pastures where unicorns shit rainbows. Or in all honesty, somewhere not LA. Alpha even lends a hand in some way.

Return of Vicktor and Sierra - At the end of the last episode the two have to make a choice as a couple. They choose to come back, and it looks like Vicktor is bringing his military background into effect as well.

Dollhouse becomes a Safehouse - A scene where Adelle looks into a prayer shows that the LA Dollhouse took people in from outside. Maybe others with the mysterious blocks mentioned prior?

Topher goes off the deep end - This is foreshadowed when Whiskey puts a bullet in Bennets brain pan (squish). After that Topher patronizes Ivy and becomes Mr. Business, focusing on absolutely nothing but getting Caroline out.

Boyd is Rossum -
This is the biggest turning point in the entire episode, and yet Epitaph One does absolutely nothing in terms of enlightenment to this fact. I am guessing he leaves the Dollhouse to never come back.

These are just observations and I hope Joss Whedon can deliver the epic finale this show deserves.