Jan 9, 2010

District 9 Review

I absolutely cannot believe that I missed this movies in theaters. There are many things this movie does right and I am so glad I own it.

First and foremost lets talk about the camera work in this movie. The movie starts off in a documentary style, cutting from interview to interview and most of the intro follows the documentary crew during a eviction process into the slums of District 9. But District 9 isn't just the slums of a normal city, District 9 is the slums of a race of aliens dubbed Prawns. The plot ramps up and the camera style remains, jumping from action to security camera even to bystanders view points. It really gives the film a unique feel.

The story also has blatant racial undertones between the Prawns and humanity, and the story line takes a turn towards an understanding of that relationship about half an hour in. It even goes as far as giving one of the Prawns a human name, bringing the merging of the cultures together from a point of view that the audience can understand without feeling alienated. Hehehe pun intended I suppose! It also paints humanity in the light that some people believe we really are, self-preserving-bottom-line-advantage-takers who have no care what so ever for anyone else

While the story seems pretty straight forward once you see the finale of the film, which could have been in a few places honestly, there are many points in the film when you start guessing what will happen next, which is quite a departure from the way film has been going lately. All in all I would say hands down this is probably one of the best Science Fiction films I have ever seen. Highly recommended.