Jan 2, 2010

The quest for a Dimble

Ever since I was a child I have always wanted to get a cat, specifically a kitten, however there have always been things preventing me from getting one. But lets not get too far ahead of ourselves, lets start with the bigger picture: the gnome, the myth, the legend: DIMBLE!!!

Now, this isn't how I envisioned the exact version of Dimble, but it gets the point across. Dimble was one of my legendary Dungeons and Dragons characters, a Gnome Cleric that I played using the 3.5 rule set. He was a legendary undead slayer and hunter who's soul purpose was to find and exterminate all undead creatures. His back story consisted of his home town being purged and destroyed by a lich and he was the only survivor. Unfortunately the campaign never came to an end and Dimble is still off searching the planes for the lich, but that doesn't mean there weren't some fun times to be had.
Lets start with his character defining moment in the small town of Lordsmith. The town was on the verge of destruction by the undead and the sheriff had sent out summons to the near by town of Ebonhawk for brave clerics to help defend his home town. Enter Dimble, the gnome with no fear, who single-handedly saved Lordsmith from the undead. Never mind the fact that three sessions later the town was wiped out by dragons. Before then Dimble was a hero damn it!

Ever since then Dimble has been a reoccurring character in all of my Dungeons and Dragons games, be it in the player or dungeon master role. Dimble the enigmatic store keeper? Check. Dimble the pushy bounty hunter? Check. Dimble the assassin? Check. He was always more of a personality than one character. High spirited and a fast talker, he soon became the go to guy for stories.
So I figured why not name my first cat after him! Now I just cannot wait to finally be able to get my very own Dimble to be with all the time.