Jan 21, 2010


So over at Gawker, a site I frequent in it's many faces, they posted an interesting article about college freshmen being scared of being in college because of the employment rate. This is where the problem lies. The world has yet to change itself since the rebound of the great depression.

Everyone is relying on things that shouldn't matter but they "do" because it is all people know. So here I am, online, the new form of self expression, making new vows to myself.

People Person:

People are scared of other people. It is a simple fact. They avoid other's because they don't know other's intentions or if they are a good or bad person. Everyone just assumes bad. Well no more of that from me. I make this vow to stop being a metaphorical shut in and become a people person. No more "oh my gosh my neighbor might be a serial killer" or "Am I safe because I am with people I don't know?". I am going to put myself out there from now on.

Finish what I start:
Eons ago I had an idea for a book. It has thus been thrown to the waste side to be forever gotten. One of my biggest dreams is to get a science fiction novel published. Well... it won't write itself damn it. I vow to do one chapter a week. And to keep myself honest and straight this time? I will be posting excerpts here. And don't worry for you purists, I will post the least spoiler-ie paragraphs. Or maybe character bios and backgrounds.

Find Happiness:

For too long have I defined my own happiness as an extension of other's happiness. I am gonna find happiness in what I want and what I like. And I am not gonna let anyone get me down.

Check it:
I am finally going to put actions with my bullshit meter. No long will I sit idle and watch people rip into others. People need to learn to respect each other and if I have to be a douche to others to help them, then damn it I will.