Dec 29, 2009

New Year, here we come.

So Christmas is kinda a big deal for my family. It is the one time of year we can all look forward to seeing each other and enjoy each other's company, which has come up short recently due to all of our hectic lives. Well I just took a violent step into non-hectic.

I told my mother on Christmas that I was moving in with a friend in Denver so I could find a job and get out of her house. Surprisingly she took it very well and now here I am, living in Denver on a couch for a while and desperately searching for a job that pays me more than minimum wage.

So far I have had one really great interview that I hope goes well, and have turned in at least 2 dozen resumes and applications for various jobs. If I keep at it I am hoping to have a job by the start of the new year.

To infinity and beyond...