Mar 27, 2017

What's New This Week: Video Games

March 27 - April 2
The original and the numbered sequel to Kingdom Hearts releases for the Third time this week, instead of us getting a real sequel like Kingdom Hearts 3. Oh, and they are only getting released again because the PlayStation 4 doesn’t have backwards compatibility, as these are identical to the HD Remixes released for the PS3.

March 28

Has-Been Heroes
Win, NS, PS4, XBO
Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix
Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix
MLB The Show 17
Old Time Hockey
Win, PS4, XBO
PaRappa The Rapper Remastered
The Walking Dead: Season 3 - Episode 3
Win, Mac, PS4, XBO, iOS, Droid
March 30

Attack on Titan: Escape from Certain Death
Blue Reflection
PS4, PSVita
The Alliance Alive
Thimbleweed Park
XBO, Win, Mac, Lin
Musou Stars
PS4, PSVita

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Mar 26, 2017

Blizzard announces the Starcraft: Remastered, Brood War to be made free

This weekend during the Starcraft 2 2017 GSL Season 1 Grand Finals in Seoul, South Korea, Blizzard announced a long rumored project of theirs exists, Starcraft: Remastered.

The remastered edition will include both the original Starcraft and Starcraft: Brood War, with a fresh coat of paint. This isn’t just an adaptation of Starcraft plugged into the Starcraft 2 engine either. Staples of the 1998 game are still there, such as only being able to select 12 units at a time instead of 100’s at a time. This is all done to keep the original gameplay intact, while allowing the game to be played with modern elements like a global friends list and 4k support. Starcraft: Remastered will be released sometime this summer.

In addition to Starcraft: Remastered, Blizzard also announced that starting with the 1.18 patch for the original Brood War, Starcraft: Brood War will be completely free. Not free-to-play, not with each campaign locked behind a paywall, but 100% free. Even better, the patch will release within a week. 1.18 will also include a new observer mode, fullscreen and windowed support and improved compatibility with Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. All of your replays and friends list that you build in 1.18 will even port into Starcraft: Remastered when it releases later this year.

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Mar 20, 2017

Lawbreakers Beta Impressions

This weekend, Boss Key Productions hosted a closed-beta for their upcoming multiplayer shooter Lawbreakers. Boss Key Productions was founded by industry veteran Cliff Bleszinski following his brief retirement from development after finishing Gears of War 3.

Lawbreakers itself seems to be following current trends of shooters in which mobility is a big sticking point of the game. Unlike Titanfall, with it’s wall running and parkour, or Overwatch with it’s varied heroes who can traverse the environment in their own ways, Lawbreakers gives players the ability to explore thanks to anti-gravity zones. Because this form of mobility isn’t based on what character you pick, or the loadout you build, everyone gets to experience the same frantic feeling of floating around with a rifle regardless of skill.

That isn’t to say that the characters in Lawbreakers don’t have their own way around the maps too. Some come equipped with rocket packs, others have a triple jump or a sprint, but ultimately those abilities are meant to augment the anti-gravity zones scattered throughout the map. These anti-gravity zones are where all the fun lives, but sadly most of the fun is short lived.
The anti-gravity zones are fun to zip around.
The first problem was that I often found myself dying too fast to figure out where I was getting shot from. While these anti-gravity zones are cool and their floaty-ness feels damn near perfect, they leave you open from pretty much every angle imaginable. Unfortunately, the game does a poor job of communicating which direction you are being attacked from, leaving you watching a respawn timer more often than not. When you are the one getting the drop on someone from some absurd angle though, Lawbreakers is fantastic. If your team is working in tandem together in the anti-gravity zones, holding a point for example, it feels great.

The other, more glaring problem is that the anti-gravity zones that are so fun to float around in are not everywhere. The few maps available in the beta had these zones connected through generic corridors and doorways that bring the gameplay to a grinding halt. These halls that funnel into the anti-gravity areas are great at the start of the game, but can become a forced bottleneck easily if one team has the upper hand. Most spawn areas only have two exits, but they are so close together it can put one team on their back foot easily. Coupled with only a single healer class, the Battle Medic, matches can feel overwhelmingly unbalanced.
Even though there are two characters here, they are identical in function.
While the beta boasted 14 characters, it should be noted with an asterisk. As each match starts you are divided between either the Law team or the Breakers team, and then you pick your character. Each character has a direct counterpart on the other team though. So if you are on Law, your Titan is named Bombchelle, but on the Breakers side of thing you play as Chronos. Gameplay wise these two characters are the exact same, just with different voice acting and skins.

Ultimately, Lawbreakers is more Unreal than it is Overwatch. The cast is incredibly generic, but the speed and maneuverability of anti-gravity zones makes for a fun time once you fall into the games odd pacing. In my three dozen or so games I never once saw a team force a comeback, but that could be because of the limited scope of players in the beta. Glitch wise, it was a pretty solid beta, but pop ins and load times could be improved, especially when joining a match. When Boss Key Productions holds another beta weekend, closed or open, you should definitely give it a whirl. While it does not guarantee access for the next beta weekend, you can enter your e-mail for beta access here.

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What's New This Week: Video Games

March 20 - March 26
The long awaited Mass Effect: Andromeda releases for current gen platforms. After a five year break from the Mass Effect universe, Andromeda has created a swirl of hype around this game that has fans already chomping at the bit. Expect a review by the end of the month.

Mario Sports Superstars looks to be fun as well, packaging 5 sports games into 1. The previous entries in handheld Mario sports games such as Mario Golf and Mario Tennis, have shown a surprising amount of depth, and it will be interesting to see if that carries over in the bundle package.

March 21

Mass Effect: Andromeda
Win, PS4, XBO
Toukiden 2
Win, PS4, PSVita
Troll and I
Win, PS4, XBO

March 24

Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey
Mario Sports Superstars
Zero Escape: The Nonary Games
Win, PS4, PSVita
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Mar 18, 2017

Not Enough Resources: Episode 3 - Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Shadow invincibility frames in Smash 4

Dylan and Ryan are joined by Thor from Rogues Portal! With a slow news week, we dive into everything we have been doing instead.

Thor talks about his retro gaming love with the PC release of River City Ransom Underground, Dylan attempts to Speedrun the original Super Mario Brothers, and Ryan gushes about how amazing Xbox Play Anywhere is.

Following that, Dylan grills Ryan over his mixed thoughts on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, from combat, to dungeons, to shrines.

Finally in the competitive corner, we talk shadow invisibility frames in Smash 4, casting fighting game matches using golf voices to avoid getting kicked out of a hotel, and the potential rise of an old school League of Legends team.

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Mar 15, 2017

Opinion: New Matrix films are a great idea

Yesterday, The Hollywood Reporter announced that Warner Brothers is currently kicking around the idea of a reboot of The Matrix featuring Michael B. Jordan of Creed. And twitter completely exploded with hate and eye rolling. Everyone seems to think this is a bad idea. But in reality, it is absolutely brilliant. Allow me to explain why.

Reboot is a computer term

Reboots and remakes catch a lot of flack in Hollywood. Everyone claims they want to see new ideas, but flock to sequels and live action adaptations in droves. The Matrix can easily buck this trend easily based on plot points already established in the franchise.

Let’s also not forget that rebooting is a computer term that Hollywood co-opted and mangled into the term that we hate today. When you reboot a computer, you are turning it on and off again, but what happens on a technical level is so much more complex than that. First off, turning off a computer clears it RAM, and starts all of its processes, like the OS and background programs, over again.

The Matrix lies heavily on cyberpunk elements, and the entire plot of the movie is based around humans and their perception of a computer program. So wouldn’t a reboot actually make sense in this franchise?

It’s all in canon

The idea of reboots of The Matrix is actually canon in the franchise. In climax of The Matrix Reloaded, which everyone saw but no one admits to liking, the program named The Architect tells Neo that not only is he The One, but the machines were prepared for his ascendance into near godhood inside the Matrix. The Architect also tells Neo the hard truth that not only is he The One, but he is the sixth iteration of The One.

This means there are 5 other tales of The One that are ripe to be explored, already built into the canon of the established movies. In The Matrix Reloaded Neo makes the choice to return to the Matrix to save Trinities life, but the 5 other iterations made the opposite decision to be reinserted into the source code of the Matrix and restart Zion.

As the saying goes though, the journey is more important than the destination. So why don’t we use that journey to explore different iterations of the One? Why not have a One who understands his role as a savior immediately, not wishing to dabble in the Matrix once he transcends? What if that One goes straight to the machine city upon gaining powers to self sacrifice himself to rebuild Zion? What if an iteration of the One is a woman? What if an iteration of the One manifests in The Matrix during the 1800’s?

There are so many possibilities for this story to expand and be fleshed out, and because of the computer simulation framing, it can all be done without stepping on the original trilogies toes. Plus, they could tell the story of one of The One’s iteration and then follow it up with a completely different cast and story following a different The One.

The one downside though...

The one downside with the announcement from Warner Brothers is the possibility that they will be pursuing this version of The Matrix without any input from The Wachowski’s. Which is a damn shame. Sure Jupiter Ascending bombed hard, but Sense8 is incredibly solid Sci-Fi that explored themes that generic space operas and comic book movies refuse to explore.

It is still way too early to tell if The Wachowski’s will be involved, but hopefully they can reach an agreement with Warner Brothers. The world of The Matrix has so many awesome storytelling possibilities, and if handled the right way, could bring the original R-rated franchise back to life.

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Overwatch Season 4 placement matches Stream, Part 3

Mar 14, 2017

Nintendo Documentary Series: The Creation of Breath of the Wild

It has only been a few weeks since the launch of the Nintendo Switch and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but Nintendo is already peeling back the curtain on what makes Breath of the Wild tick. Following their excellent hour and a half talk detailing the chemistry system and development of Breath of the Wild at the Game Developers Conference, Nintendo has released three documentary episodes touching on even more aspects of the game.

The first episode of the series, titled simply “The Beginning”, details the creation of the game way back in 2013 and is filled with interesting details and concept art, as well as footage of the 2D Zelda prototype built to showcase the ideal Breath of the Wild Experience.

The first episode has been relatively spoiler free, showing very little outside of the first five or so hours of gameplay, so don’t worry about being spoiled if you haven’t finished the game quite yet. The other two episodes are available on Nintendo’s Youtube channel, with the second episode is titled “Story and Characters” and I recommend you avoid that one completely if you don’t want to be spoiled by one of the more in-depth Zelda storylines. The third episode is titled “Open Air Concept” which provides a more detailed look into the open world of Hyrule.

If you’re interested in my thoughts on Breath of the Wild, you can find my review here. For more Zelda and Nintendo news, follow Rogues Portal.

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