Apr 29, 2017

Not Enough Resources: Episode 6 - Heroes of the Storm 2.0, Knights of the Fallen Empire, Persona 5 and Streaming with Spoilers, Starcraft Brood War

Dylan and Ryan are back, tackling the past two weeks of gaming.

Both Ryan and Dylan dive into Heroes of the Storm 2.0 in Now Playing, venting their frustrations about Genji and his translation from Overwatch into Heroes of the Storm, and Ryan gushes about BioWare Star Wars fun.

For News, after learning about the Persona 5 streaming ban, we dive into the deep end of Spoilers and IP Control, and what that means for us as media consumers and gamers.

In the Competitive Corner, Dylan talks League of Legends upsets going into the Spring Finals, while Ryan reminisces about the days of yore with Brood War.

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Apr 25, 2017

Marvel VS Capcom Infinite gets a Story Mode, Character Pass DLC

Marvel has released a trailer for the story mode of the upcoming Marvel VS Capcom Infinite.

There is a lot to unpack here. Sigma, the big bad from Mega Man X, is joining forces with Ultron to take over both the Capcom and Marvel universes. All of this sounds about right, as fighting games don’t really rely on story. Fighting games do rely on characters though, and this trailer features a ton. By my count, expect Hulk, Hawkeye, Thor, Rocket, Iron Man, Captain America and Captain Marvel to make appearances on the Marvel side of things, while the Capcom side of the roster will feature Strider, Chun Li, Mega Man X, Chris Redfield, Ryu and Morrigan. It is unclear if Ultron or Ultron-Sigma will be playable, but Sigma has been confirmed as one of the post-release characters.

Collector's Edition
Speaking of release, Marvel VS Capcom Infinite will come in three flavors, a standard $60 edition, a deluxe addition which includes Sigma + 5 additional DLC characters and 6 Premium costumes, and a monstrous $200 Collector’s Edition that includes four statues and a set of Infinity Stones.

Marvel VS Capcom Infinite will take us for a ride on September 19th on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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Apr 15, 2017

Not Enough Resources: Episode 5 – Diablo on consoles, NES Classic, Star Wars and a whole lot of Blizzard

The dynamic duo of Dylan and Ryan tackle everything going on over the past couple weeks in gaming.

First up, in Now Playing Dylan talks about getting his grove back in League of Legends by switching positions and Ryan gushes about his love for Diablo on consoles.

In News, we discuss the discontinuation of the NES Classic and the hope for more Star Wars games set in the Old Republic Universe.

For Competitive Corner, Dylan talks more League of Legends and how a small misstep can lead to defeat. Then Ryan drops a bomb on Dylan about the potential for Warcraft 4, and the pair speculate about how to make a Warcraft 4 in a post-WoW era. Everything gets capped off with a conversation about Heroes of the Dorm.

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